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Delivering Reliability Under Pressure

1/2” NAMUR - C9 Series


The C9 NAMUR is the newest addition to the Versa NAMUR line of valves. The C9 is a ½” NPT ported NAMUR configured valve designed to provide higher flow to larger rack and pinion actuators.
The C9 is a solenoid pilot operated valve available as single or double solenoid 2-position or 3-position valve.
A complete selection of electrical connections, area classifications, and power requirements makes the most exacting and demanding specifications or applications easy to satisfy.



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NEW High Pressure Regulator


Highly accurate pressure regulation in the harshest environments

Versa’s single stage, high pressure regulator is the ARH ideal for first cut Natural Gas high pressure regulator. It is designed to accept up to 6000 psi input and reduce it to a working range of 10 to 500 psi.

This quality instrument is economical to buy as well as operate. The combined characteristics of high flow and minimal air consumption mean efficient economical operation.

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