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Direct Acting Modular Air Package

Direct Acting Modular Air Package


Our D-316 Series Modular Air Package (DMAP) consists of the most common pneumatic components and accessories utilized in the valve automation industry. A DMAP system consists of a filter/regulator, gauge, and directional control valve all in one. DMAP is a simplified version of the successful VMAP system offering a cost effective complete package for basic valve control systems.

• High performance, high flow direct acting 
• Compact modular air package design 
• 360° rotating solenoid housing
• Fully weather protected integral junction box (IP68 and NEMA 6P)
• Encapsulated Class H coil

DMAP is a ¼ inch, 316L stainless steel construction with Viton seals. The DMAP is the smallest 1/4” package available on the market today, successfully reducing size and weight while maximizing flow.

Modular Concept
The basic DMAP system is made of two configurable modules. Module one is the air preparation module consisting of filter/regulators, gauges and drains. Module two is the control valve module consisting of many different variations of 3-way control valves. 
The Air Prep Module consists of filter/regulators, gauges and drains. Based on Versa’s AR-316 Series this proven design is small, high flow, simple and configurable. Regulators are equipped with tamper proof adjustment locknut. A manual drain is standard however an auto drain can be easily specified as an option.
The Control Valve Module is based on Versa’s D-316 Series. This proven design is small, yet yields high flow. D-316 valves are also simple and configurable in design. The D-316 Series has become a leader in the ¼” size control package market. Furthermore, the D-316 Series is available as a solenoid, in almost every classification or latching configuration.