I’m an authorized distributor of Versa Products. How do I sign up for access to the Distributor Portal?

I’m an authorized distributor of Versa Products. How do I sign up for access to the Distributor Portal?

To register for access to our Distributor Portal, click here.

As a quick reminder of the tools at your disposal as a Versa Distributor, visit our Distributor Portal to find:

  • Pricing guide
  • Sales and lead time policies
  • Application solutions
  • Order status
  • Literature request
  • Certificates
  • Suffix finder

How often should seals be replaced on Versa’s valves?

O-rings are available in various elastomeric materials.  Versa offers a host of different O-ring and seal material options to create the most suitable match of the elastomer to the specific application.  The media, ambient conditions, lubrication and cycle rate affect the integrity and longevity of the O-ring.  In ideal conditions, O-rings can and will last 10 years or more.  Versa advises its customers to consult their local authorized Versa distributor to ensure proper O-ring selection and to develop a proactive maintenance schedule for your application.

How do I contact the webmaster of this site?

We’re sorry if you are experiencing an issue with our site. Go to our Technical Support Request page, send us a note and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

How do I change my order or get product documentation?

How do I report a problem with my Versa product?

We are sorry if this is happening and offer a 10-year warranty on all Versa products. Please visit our Technical Support page to report the issue you are having, request a Return Material Authorization (RMA), or seek help from our technical sales support team.

How can I obtain a hazardous location certificate or quality declarations?

Go to our Documentation page to find our IECEx Quality Assessment Report, ISO 9001:2008 Certification, DEKRA QAR Production Quality Assurance Certification and many others.

How do I find a Versa Distributor near me?

Versa products are available from close to 150 members of our international distribution network. Versa distributors will help you with product specification, technical support, troubleshooting, or circuit design.

Within the US and Canada search by state to find the one nearest to you. For non-US/Canada customers try searching by country. We have both a clickable map and directory listing of all our active distributors worldwide.

How can I get Versa product catalogs?

If you really want a hard copy, the best way is to ask your distributor to mail you one. The easiest way is to download a catalog from this website. This also ensures you receive the most up to date information

Can I speak to someone in Technical Sales?

Absolutely–and we’re glad you’ve asked. That’s because Versa is known worldwide for our efficient person-to-person service by email or phone. We will get back to you in most cases within a few minutes and at the very least by the next business day. Contact Versa’s friendly expert Technical Sales team in Paramus, New Jersey or Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Ask for the Technical Sales department or just PRESS 3 to be connected immediately to an actual person. Everyone in Technical Sales as Versa has many years of experience with Versa products. If they’ve never heard your question, they will find an answer quickly.

What is the most common vacuum service application?

Most vacuum applications use a 3-way, 2-position, normally open valve. The vacuum pump is connected to the valve’s exhaust port, the suction cup is connected to the cylinder “A” port and the inlet port is left open as a vent. Although the valve is a normally open valve, in a vacuum application it performs as a normally closed valve.

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