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For almost 70 years, Versa's application engineers have been creating unique configurations to solve complex problems in virtually every market.

For the mobile & aerospace markets, selecting Versa means years of trouble-free service for your customers. Our experience building many one-of-a-kind pneumatic control systems will help us invent a high-performance solution that will exceed your expectations.


Delays or malfunctions in launch and ground support systems are not only costly and time-consuming, but they can also be catastrophic. Only our valves are sturdy enough to withstand intense vibration and searing flash heat. With the highly specialized systems required to move and launch flight hardware and military payloads, our ability to rapidly customize all our valves eliminates complexity in designing the associated pneumatic controls.


Dirty environments. Extreme temperature swings. Explosive dust. All of these circumstances are easily handled by Versa solenoids and pneumatic valves. Versa’s many options and configurations allow us to meet your requirements in the field. Versa is so committed to quality that we offer a ten-year warranty on all our products – unheard of in the industry.


Bubble-tight and dustproof, Versa’s pneumatic solenoids are rugged enough to keep remote construction job sites running. While the vibrations from road miles and stresses from extreme temperatures can destroy valves, Versa’s are world-renowned for longevity under the dirtiest and harshest conditions. If you’re switching to air from hydraulics you’ll avoid any site contamination from hydraulic leaks without the fiddling that oil-based systems need.


When every second matters and mission-critical accessories must be ever-ready, Versa’s bubble-tight solenoid valves stay ready. Our valves’ legendary durability means your systems will work when needed even if they’ve been lying dormant or in cold-start situations. Regardless of what grime, chemicals, and liquids are trying to wreak havoc, your equipment will be ready to hit the road.


Pneumatic valves used in railroads must operate within a wide range of extreme temperatures, as well as punishing weather conditions (ranging from snow and ice to dust, grime, and boiling temperatures). They must be sturdy and reliable since, typically, they are operated far away from any kind of maintenance support. Versa Valves have been field-proven to provide years of service in temperatures as low as -60 °F (-51 °C) as well as searing heat.