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For almost 70 years, Versa's application engineers have been creating unique configurations to solve complex problems in virtually every industry.

In the Oil and Gas sector, our customers say “we need a Versa” when they need to buy a pneumatic solenoid. We are the industry standard for fluid power systems. If we’ve not seen a system likes yours before, our experience building many one-of-a-kind air control systems will help us invent a high-performance solution that’s guaranteed not to quit.


Whether you are searching for underground crude oil and natural gas fields or drilling exploratory wells, equipment slow-down or failure can be catastrophic. The last things you need are leaky valves or having to replace your valves prematurely. Buying a Versa eliminates these concerns.


Transportation and storage are vital to ensuring the reliable and affordable flow of petroleum. Many engineers working in this sector have come to rely upon the Versa Valve as the most reliable, field-proven, and longest-lasting on the market.


For companies refining petroleum crude oil, processing raw natural gas, and marketing the end-products, delays, and slippage are costly and time-consuming. Valves used throughout the process must be sturdy and the buying options, versatile.