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Valve Solutions that Withstand Heavy Industrial Demands

Utility applications such as power generation, water applications, and mining require the proven durability that Versa offers.  We offer countless combinations of valves and related accessories to meet your needs. Versa provides reliability for applications where it is imperative to avoid costly downtime.  We test every unit before it ships, and stand by our quality promise with a 10-year warranty.


No other industry has a dirtier or more caustic environment than mining – or is more in need of absolutely reliable parts and equipment. Versa is recognized as offering the most robust, durable, and dirt-resistant solenoid and pneumatic valves in the industry. Furthermore, because electricity may not be an option underground, Versa offers an extremely robust and reliable line of manually-operated valves. Our valves provide higher flow than alternatives, which typically means faster reaction time. Versa is so committed to quality that we offer a ten-year warranty on all of our products – unheard of in this market.


When your business is expected to deliver flawless energy generation, pneumatic control system performance and reliability is mission-critical. Your customers will not tolerate power interruptions and If you’re not making electricity, you’re not making money. If your current valves leak, stick, or are somehow unreliable, call the industry leader for a proven solution.


Runaway maintenance costs and downtime are frustrating but expected risks in the water purification industry. Contaminated water is everywhere but the final product and control system are subject to failure if valves corrode. Versa’s high-quality brass valves go a long way to solving these problems. We have hundreds of options (brass, nickel-plated, low-moisture, absorbent valves) that will meet the specific needs of water treatment.