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Valve Automation at the Core of Reliable Solutions

When the success of a system hinges on specifying the right valve, application and control engineers rely on Versa. Offering countless combinations of valves and related accessories, Versa supports oil and gas, chemical, utility, food, and municipal services applications around the world. Versa focuses on international solenoid certifications and custom circuitry, offering streamlined valve solutions alongside unparalleled customer support and service.


Delays or malfunctions in launch and ground support systems are not only costly and time-consuming, but they can also be catastrophic. Only our valves are sturdy enough to withstand intense vibration and searing flash heat. With the highly specialized systems required to move and launch flight hardware and military payloads, our ability to rapidly customize all our valves eliminates complexity in designing the associated pneumatic controls.


Leaking control valves lead to leaking profits. Chemical plants must deal with many caustic materials such as acids, fuel additives, bleach, paint additives, photographic chemicals, and fertilizers.


In the cost-competitive Food & Beverage sector energy efficiency is a critical lever for managing costs. Versa’s proprietary bubble-tight construction significantly reduces the possibility of leakage and creates the most energy-efficient system available. Also, Versa offers FDA-certified food-grade lubricants to prevent air contamination with each valve shift.


A malfunctioning valve can shut down an entire drilling operation. In the oil and gas industry, the possibility is exacerbated by operating in rain, snow, or sleet, and extreme hot and cold temperatures – all of which can be disastrous to most equipment. Versa’s pneumatic valves are the most reliable, field-proven, and longest-lasting on the market. Versa’s proprietary bubble-tight construction significantly reduces the possibility of leakage and creates the most energy-efficient system available. Versa is so committed to quality that we offer a ten-year warranty on all our products.


Versa offers a broad range of control valve options specifically designed to meet the needs of sterile environments required in pharmaceutical production. Our chemical-resistant 316 stainless steel valves and accessories are designed and manufactured for wash-down environments.


The Pulp & Paper sector operates in one of the most abusive industrial environments, using caustic chemicals. Equipment vibration constantly stresses all pneumatic control system components. These dual conditions can drive valve downtime and increased maintenance costs if not controlled. Versa has a range of pneumatic valve options designed to function reliably under the stressful conditions of high vibration and caustic environments.


Versa’s valves provide the industry’s most reliable service to pneumatic control and automation systems used by Power Generation and Water Treatment customers worldwide. All utilities depend on 100% reliable equipment to help them deliver mission-critical commodities. Downtime can be catastrophic to communities and municipalities. The unparalleled reliability of Versa’s pneumatic solenoids enables our utility customers to meet performance targets cost-effectively. Our 10-year warranty ensures years of trouble-free service, even in harsh or wet environments.