Block & Bleed Valves


V Series V Series V Series
For pneumatic, directional control. Available from 0 to 200 psi standard. Higher pressures available on request.
C-316 Series C-316 Series C-316 Series
High flow, 3 or 5-port, solenoid valve
E Series E Series E Series
Direct solenoid operated available 2 or 3-way, with or without manifold systems
EZ Series EZ Series EZ Series
Direct acting, solenoid operated valves in 2 and 3-way flow functions
E Series E Series E Series
Direct acting - body ported or manifold mounted
E4 Series E4 Series E4 Series
Compact, heavy duty solenoid with junction box
E5 Series E5 Series E5 Series

Smaller option to our Series E valves with the same key flow and operating pressures but lower power requirements.

H Series H Series H Series
Versa H Series in aluminum offers both pneumatic and hydraulic high pressure valves
H Series H Series H Series
High pressure pneumatic and hydraulic valves
Junction Box Junction Box Junction Box
Eases the installation of any electrical device.
T Series T Series T Series

Low pressure, hydraulic directional control valves available from 0 to 500 psi for trouble-free performance under the most exacting conditions.