Pneumatic Emergency Stop: Manual Button

Pneumatic Emergency Manual Stop for panels

Pneumatic Solution for Emergency Stop Panel applications

The Versa E-Stop valve is designed for pneumatic systems that require an emergency stop function. By pushing the knob attached to the Versa 3-Way Normally Closed B Series valve, the source air is blocked and the system air is vented to atmosphere. 3-Way Normally Open also available.

The knob uses an electrical E-Stop twist and lock feature that prevents the valve from returning to the de-energized state until it is manually reset.

The B Series E-Stop is an ideal solution for an all pneumatic systems. In systems where a pneumatic circuit is preferred over electrical, such as hazardous environment, the B Series E-Stop is the perfect safety solution.
The control valve is based on Versa’s B Series brass valve which is field proven with years of reliable service in push button applications.

For ease of installation, the valve body may be rotated 360 degrees and has a choice of three inlet port locations.


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