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Versa's 316 stainless steel junction box eases the installation of any electrical device. Approved for CSA, ATEX , IEC and INMETRO.

Versa’s 316 stainless steel junction box simplifies the installation of electrical devices such as solenoid valves, switches, and controls.  It is approved for hazardous locations by  CSA, ATEX , IEC and the INMETRO box with an integral terminal strip.

Key Features

Our stainless steel junction box contains terminals to allow the installation of solenoid valves, switches, indicators and other electronic devices. These small effective boxes allow easy wiring in hazardous or wet locations, simplifying installation and reducing space requirements. The simple screw off cover design reduces the hassle of lost parts and screws at installation. These explosion- and weather-protected electrical boxes are manufactured to be certified in accordance with agencies around the world. The junction box is manufactured in stainless steel assuring resistance to environmental issues yielding a long durable product life.

Technical Specs

ConstructionStainless steel body
FunctionJunction Box
Port Sizes1/2" NPT or M20