H Series – Stainless


V Series V Series V Series
For pneumatic, directional control. Available from 0 to 200 psi standard. Higher pressures available on request.
D-316 Series D-316 Series D-316 Series
High performance direct acting
C-316 Series C-316 Series C-316 Series
High flow, 3 or 5-port, solenoid valve
V-316 Series V-316 Series V-316 Series
High performance, solenoid-pilot design
C Series C Series C Series
Aluminum body, multi-purpose 4-way, side ported or manifold mounted valve
NAMUR - E5 Series NAMUR - E5 Series NAMUR - E5 Series
Simple and effective 3-way direct acting solenoid valve
NAMUR - C Series NAMUR - C Series NAMUR - C Series
High flow solenoid - mounts to rack and pinion actuators
E Series E Series E Series
Direct solenoid operated available 2 or 3-way, with or without manifold systems
EZ Series EZ Series EZ Series
Direct acting, solenoid operated valves in 2 and 3-way flow functions
B Series B Series B Series
Versa B Series brass valves can handle any task from vacuum to 200+ psi
B-316 B-316 B-316
Rugged 3-Way (3/2), side ported control valve
E Series E Series E Series
Direct acting - body ported or manifold mounted
E3 Series E3 Series E3 Series
Inline valves designed for the most extreme environments
E4 Series E4 Series E4 Series
Compact, heavy duty solenoid with junction box
E5 Series E5 Series E5 Series

Smaller option to our Series E valves with the same key flow and operating pressures but lower power requirements.

H Series H Series H Series
Versa H Series in aluminum offers both pneumatic and hydraulic high pressure valves
H Series H Series H Series
High pressure pneumatic and hydraulic valves
K Series K Series K Series

A valve system that combines compact design and stacking modular manifolds with easy maintenance.

NAMUR: C-316 NAMUR: C-316 NAMUR: C-316
High flow, mounts to rack and pinion
T Series T Series T Series

Low pressure, hydraulic directional control valves available from 0 to 500 psi for trouble-free performance under the most exacting conditions.