NAMUR – E5 Series

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Versa E5 NAMUR control valve includes a simple and effective 3-way direct acting solenoid valve

Versa E5 NAMUR is a 3-way control valve designed to mount directly onto a spring return rack and pinion actuator.  This reduces installation time while increasing actuator response time.


Key Features

The Versa E5 NAMUR mount control series are bubble tight, direct acting solenoid operated 3-way (3/2) valves. They are designed to mount directly to any NAMUR actuator, thus reducing actuator response time and cost of tubing, fittings, brackets, and labor.    A complete selection of electrical connections, area classifications, and power requirements makes the most exacting and demanding specifications or applications easy to satisfy.

Technical Specs


Anodized aluminum body, NBR (nitrile) seals


Pneumatic to 150 psi (10.3 bar)


Three-Way, Four-Way, 3/2, 3/3, 5/2, or 5/3


0.031" (3.2mm)

Port Size/Flow

1/4" NPT / 0.08 Cv


NAMUR mount


Solenoid pilot, remote pilot and manual