Natural Gas

Versa pneumatic solenoids for natural gas applications are designed to outlive and outlast all others in hazardous and remote locations.


VMAP is a compact air management system, providing a full range of pneumatic accessories and functions suitable for most control systems. Simplifies the circuit design process and reduces costs.

V-316 Series

Built for the abuse of corrosive environments and controlled media. Modular design and unlimited configurations simplify circuit planning.

V & T Series Brass

V Series valves are a modular design for controlling pneumatic or hydraulic pressure. Standard o-ring seals enable configuration for varying conditions.

Status Indicator

Visual indicator of system pressure checks in 316 stainless with fluorocarbon seal and UV resistant lens

Relief Valve

High flow, pneumatic, pressure relief valves factory set and tested in 5 psi increments to meet your application requirements. Stainless steel to withstand the toughest of conditions.

NAMUR – C-316 Series

C-316 NAMUR stainless steel control valve, with a high flow solenoid, that mounts directly to rack and pinion actuators. This increases actuator response time and reduces cost and space requirements.


NACE Compliant, 316 stainless steel regulator ideal for sour gas and corrosive environments. Adaptable to offshore use. High flow rates with minimal pressure drop.

E5 Series

Smaller option to our Series E valves with the same key flow and operating pressures but lower power requirements.

E Series

ESM style direct solenoid operated valves available in 2- or 3-way flow. Options include hazardous location, low watt, and intrinsically safe coils, manifold mounting and all stainless construction.

Block & Bleed Valves

Our traditional isolation valve to faultlessly isolate and vent downstream pressure during gauge changes.

B-316 Series

The premier choice of pneumatic control panel builders in wellhead control applications. Compact, high flow, longlasting in corrosive environments with aggressive media.

B Series Brass

A simple yet robust, proven valve design compatible with manual, pilot and mechanical actuator controls. Based on Versa’s bubble-tight sealing technology and rated for air, oil or water.