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Field-Proven Solutions for Real World Operating Conditions

Transitional Reliability Package

Transitional Reliability Packages:

VERSA offers Transitional Reliability Packages, a selection of features and products designed to prepare our valves for the most demanding applications. Water and debris ingress protection, valve body reliability, and power shift packages provide the levels of protection to match the application’s needs.


Sealed Valve Options

Sealed Valve Options:

VERSA’s field-proven options that “seals” the valve have recently been 3rd Party qualified to IP 65. This innovative design of creating a closed-loop internal pressure relief design is unique to VERSA. Coupled with dust excluders, this valve is virtually impenetrable to the environmental factors in which it is installed.


Power Shift Package

Power Shift Package:

VERSA’s Powershift Package combines our strongest return force option with a unique double-piston to negate increases in minimum actuation pressure. These features, when combined, create a robust solution to the build-up problem seen in low-demand usage valves. In any application which sees stiction, the Power Shift Package provides an interchangeable option with the power to blast through obstacles on its way to closure.


Diagnostic Feedback Options

Diagnostic Feedback Options:

VERSA’s Diagnostic Feedback Options add an intelligence capability to our field-proven valves. Adding key modular components with the ability to integrate sensing devices enables the VERSA valve to provide strategic multipoint position feedback. Combining this with our extensive valve options and the ever-expanding IIoT technologies opens a blank canvas for users to engineer various intelligent systems.


Remote Reset Latching Valve

RAK- Remote Reset Latching Valve:

The VERSA RAK–Remote Reset Latching Valve is a field-proven solution that combines a dual solenoid system to operate the VERSA valve. The key to this solution is an air-latch with an integral remote solenoid override. The RAK not only increases product performance but also can improve the plant’s safety. The solenoids can be independently exercised (cycle & tested) without interrupting the process, which decreases the probability of failure on demand for the Partial Valve Stroke Test (PVST) of the process valve. In addition, the testing can be monitored and logged to ensure performance compliance.


Low Power Solenoids

Low Power Solenoids:

VERSA’s low-power solenoid valves are the ideal choice for customers seeking to reduce their power consumption without compromising performance. Our field-proven offerings range from 7.2 watt down to 0.5 watt and can be used in a variety of industrial, commercial, and process applications. With VERSA, low watt doesn’t mean low flow. The solenoids are available on VERSA’s entire line of Spool valves. Flow rates up to 13.9 Cv can be achieved with a 0.5 watt solenoid.


Low Temp Options

Low Temperature Options:

VERSA understands that freezing conditions present significant challenges when designing a reliable system to perform safely and without interruption. We created a Polar Service option on the E4, C-316, and V-316 stainless steel valves and air preparation products designed to exceed requirements for ultra-low-temperature applications and to operate to -67°F (-55°C). Combined with other Real World Reliability options, these products are field proven in Arctic environments and specifically designed for harsh conditions.


VMAP Modular Air Packages

VMAP- Modular Air Packages:

The VERSA Modular Air Package (VMAP) is a compact air management system that will provide a full range of pneumatic functions and options to meet the needs of most control systems in valve actuator control applications. The VMAP simplifies the design process by combining all the components of a pneumatic circuit, into one integrated assembly. Whether a standard shutoff circuit or an intricate control system, VMAP has the features to meet the requirements of virtually any control system design.


Specialty Function Valves

Specialty Function Valves:

VERSA offers a line of specialty function valves that perform as spring return valves, except with dual solenoids. They operate as a dual solenoid valve with a hand lever, other manual options, or as redundant valves. Using one redundant valve can replace multiple valves and components to accomplish the same function making them a compact, easy-to-apply design. VERSA also offers these options in VMAP packages.