Versa’s AR II – 316 Stainless Steel Filter Regulator

Versa's Economically Priced, AR II-316 Stainless Steel Filter Regulator

The 316 stainless steel construction is ideal for sour gas, and/or corrosive environments. Flow path wetted parts are NACE compliant, meeting sulfide stress cracking material requirements of the NACE
Standard MR0175.  An optional Inconel spring makes the AR II fully NACE compliant.

The AR II provides extremely stable and repeatable control of gas pressure. It is designed using the most current flow optimization software that yields the highest flow for unit size.

The combined characteristics of high flow capacity and minimal air consumption means efficient economical operation.

   -Highly accurate pressure regulation

   -Economical to own and operate

  -Stainless steel body, housing, and filter assemblies

  -Comes standard with adjusting screw and tamper proof lock nut

  -All wetted parts are NACE compliant. Optional full compliant NACE parts available


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