DMAP - Modular Air Package

The Versa DMAP product will meet your FR package requirements for clean, dry air protecting your investment and ensuring optimal performance of your pneumatic system.

Modular Concept

The basic DMAP system is made of two configurable modules.

Module one:  the air preparation module consisting of filter/regulators, gauges and drains.

Module two:  the control valve module, a solenoid-operated, direct-acting, 3-way control valve.


Air Prep Module

Based on Versa’s AR-316 FR Series. This proven design is small, high flow, simple and configurable. Regulators can supplied a with tamper proof adjustment locknut, an auto drain or a hand knob for pressure adjustment as options.

Control Valve Module

Versa’s D-316 Series solenoid operated, direct acting valve. This proven design is small, yet yields high flow. D-316 valves are also simple and configurable in design. The D-316 Series has become a leader in the ¼” size control package market. Furthermore, the D-316 Series is available with our World Solenoid with global agency approvals.

Valve/Conduit Positioning

Like all D-316 Family of valves the solenoid housing rotates 360° without need for tools, disassembly or valve re-adjustment. The D-316 high performance valve can be mounted in any orientation for simplified installation and connection.