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Heavy Industry

Versa valves are engineered to operate reliably under the roughest conditions regardless of dust, dirt, chemicals, vibration and temperature extremes. Applications include agriculture, mining, pulp and paper, water treatment or power generation.

Light Industry

Versa’s pneumatic line of valves help manufacturers focus on their business instead of maintenance and uptime, minimizing total cost of ownership. 



Versa offers extensive customizable options that provide reliable solutions for aerospace, agriculture, construction, emergency vehicles, and transportation.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry relies on Versa’s valves for a field proven solution across the supply chain, from upstream wellhead control and drill sites, to midstream operations, and downstream delivery points.


Valve Automation

In process control systems, reliability is only as good as the solenoid or pilot valve controlling the valve actuator. For our customers building valve automation solutions, we provide custom configurations to suit virtually any requirements.