Accessories- Quick Exhaust

Quick Exhaust

Quick Exhaust Valves allow for faster movement of cylinder rods or valve actuators. These valves are 3/2 and have a larger exhaust orifice, designed to fit directly onto the cylinder port connection.


Key Features

A quick Exhaust Valve is a three-ported valve with one inlet port, one cylinder port, and a larger exhaust port. When the inlet port is pressurized, the exhaust port is closed by the “Flapper” (“Shuttle” on QE-6-316), and the inlet port is connected to the cylinder port. When the pressure falls at the inlet of the Quick Exhaust Valve, the cylinder port is automatically opened to the exhaust, and the cylinder is rapidly depressurized.

Technical Specs


316 stainless steel body, FKM (Flourocarbon)/CR (Neoprene) seals


Pneumatic to 175 psi


Quick exhaust

Port Size

1/4" NPT, 1/2" NPT, 3/4" NPT


Cv to 3.3 (Kv 48)

Cv to 8.8 (Kv 128)

Cv to 13.6 (Kv 195)