NAMUR – C Series


C Series C Series C Series
Aluminum body, multi-purpose 4-way, side ported or manifold mounted valve
NAMUR - E5 Series NAMUR - E5 Series NAMUR - E5 Series
Simple and effective 3-way direct acting solenoid valve
NAMUR - C Series NAMUR - C Series NAMUR - C Series
High flow solenoid - mounts to rack and pinion actuators
E Series E Series E Series
Direct solenoid operated available 2 or 3-way, with or without manifold systems
EZ Series EZ Series EZ Series
Direct acting, solenoid operated valves in 2 and 3-way flow functions
Dust Excluder Dust Excluder Dust Excluder
Offer valves protection against dirt, dust, moisture and insects, without obstructing flow
H Series H Series H Series
Versa H Series in aluminum offers both pneumatic and hydraulic high pressure valves
K Series K Series K Series

A valve system that combines compact design and stacking modular manifolds with easy maintenance.