Lockout Valve with visual pressure indication

V-316 Lockout Valve with visual pressure indication
V316 Lockout Valve Product Bulletin

V-316 Series Valve with Pressure Indication

Suffix 403RG

Versa’s new 403RG option for the V-316 Series valve offers pressure indication on a manually operated, 3-way valve.

The valve’s visual indication will reveal whether a circuit is pressurized or vented with a quick glance. The valve palm button has an indicator that signals the pressure condition of port A through a red or green flag.  A green flag signals that pressure is present at port A while a vented condition signals red.


The valve is available with Versa’s lockout options. By applying a lockout option a pneumatic system can be locked out for maintenance or shut down.


Drawing: V-316 Lockout valve with visual pressure indication







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