Pneumatic/Hydraulic Pressure Sensor

Protects your system from pressure extremes in a complete, easy to mount package

The Versa pneumatic/hydraulic pressure sensor is a 3-way block and bleed or a 2-way bleed, 2 position valve
that is operated by pressure acting on a piston opposing  an adjustable spring force. It functions as either a normally closed or normally open valve, depending on which of the two “IN” ports the instrument pressure is supplied. These ports are marked as HI or LO on the valve body.

The output port, marked ‘OUT’, is the same for either mode of operation. Pressure changes at the sensor
port, outside the set point range, will cause the valve to operate or shift.

Some features include:

       -Bubble tight sealing designed for air, gas or hydraulic service

       -3-way (or 2-way) universal valve

       -High flow “Tri–Orifice” body design

      -All 316 stainless steel design for harshest of media and environmental applications

The use of two pilot sensors mounted on a common manifold allows for a high/low pressure sensor system. One sensor functions as a low pressure cut off and the other as high pressure limit, protecting your system from pressure extremes in a complete, easy to mount package. These sensors are also known as Stick Pilots.


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